Cheese maker assistant

83 Church Rank
CA $ 16.96 - CA $ 21.20 Expires in 3 months



Our future recruits will be responsible for helping cheese makers in the manufacture of different types of cheese. We are looking to fill the evening shift on Friday and Sunday.

Main tasks related to employment

  1. Assist cheesemakers in their process control functions.
  2. Wash, sanitize and maintain equipment;
  3. Handle cheese at different stages of manufacture;
  4. Weigh and place ingredients in the mixers;
  5. Pack the cheese in different formats;
  6. Check products and packaging during production to ensure compliance and quality;
  7. Complete production and washing reports;
  8. Operate various equipment (eg, mold washer, cheese mill, metal detector, etc.)
  9. Take samples and perform quality tests;
  10. Apply the policies and regulations (eg OHS, HACCP, SQF, etc.) of the company;
  11. Perform any other related or requested tasks by his immediate supervisor.

The advantages that our company offers you

  • Competitive salary
  • Co-benefits
  • RRSP
  • Employee discounts