Chesse maker

83 Church Rank
CA $ 19.00 - CA $ 23.75 Expires in 3 months



Reporting to the manufacturing coordinator, our future colleague will have to show a great deal of autonomy and a strong sense of responsibility. He is in charge of the different cheese making stages: curdling, draining, pressing and refining.

Main tasks related to employment

  1. Control the manufacturing and maturing processes and ensure compliance with production plans and product conformity and quality;
  2. Operate various equipment (pasteurizer, cream separator, cooker, milk fermentation, etc.), prepare lactic ferments, heated milk rennet and, if necessary, reconstitute proteins;
  3. Carefully monitor temperature, acidity, moisture content and texture throughout the cheese making process to ensure compliance with established standards and make adjustments as necessary;
  4. Plan productions (ferment, cream, protein, etc.) with the help of the superior;
  5. Ensure compliance with standards and procedures when inspecting and maintaining brine ponds;
  6. Validate the inventory and the quality of the inputs;
  7. Maintain the equipment (CIP, pasteurizer, tanks, etc.);
  8. Lead, mobilize, develop and train manufacturing personnel;
  9. Ensuring the coordination of tasks and the respect of procedures at the table and packaging levels;
  10. Perform tests and complete manufacturing and quality assurance reports;
  11. Be responsible for CCP2 pasteurization of milk, sanitation program and pre-op and operational inspections (cements and tables);
  12. Ensure compliance with the policies and regulations (OHS, HACCP, SQF, etc.);
  13. Perform other related duties.

The advantages that our company offers you

  • Competitive salary;
  • Employee discounts;
  • RRSP;
  • Competitive social benefits.