There are various ways to create a craze around a business. There is 30, 20, even 10 years, the salary was, by far, the argument of weight to tip the balance: the higher the salary, the more the candidate was attracted by the company. Over the years, this argument of weight, which will always be a big one, certainly, has nonetheless made a lot of room for other attractions becoming just as important: the quality of life, both at work than at home.

Telework, leave ... Understanding

Nowadays, and this is not only about the younger generation, workers in all fields do indeed place a high value on the quality of life. And this quality comes from several sides: freedom to work at home under the "telework" formula, a day or two every week, possibility of modifying his schedule according to the obligations of the everyday life (transport of the children to the nursery, conciliation work-family, etc.).

Employer-paid training, group insurance plans, corporate culture in general, are also part of the cards that employers can offer their future employees, etc.