Yes, it is possible to add a video presentation. Just add a link to your video on YouTube.

Yes, at, we want to give all candidates the chance to find a job that suits their needs and that's our way of contributing to it.

Your candidate job search account is completely free and will remain so for as long as you need it.

Your candidate profile will be online less than 60 minutes after approval.

As a candidate, if your profile meets the requirements of an employer, you can apply to chat online and get in touch with it directly.

Our platform allows you to save job postings for future reference or apply directly using the Post on Job option.

The advantage of subscribing to job alerts is to receive offers sorted and customized according to your selection criterias, and this, as soon as they appear in the list of available positions. In this way, you are the first to apply for the job of your dreams!

Only job offers sorted according to your selection criterias are sent to you. It is therefore normal that the number of offers transmitted varies according to your specifications. It is important to note that at any time, it is possible and easy to modify these criterias.

Most often, this depends on the link between your skills and those sought by employers. That said, if your profile corresponds to a job offer always available, your resume will surely be consulted shortly!

All applications sent to an employer are indeed received by the latter within minutes of sending. Each time a new application is sent to him, a notification is sent to the employer. This procedure is valid for all positions to be filled by the same employer.

Absolutely! All updated resumes are in real time on the online document. This allows you to stay up to date!