You are not alone in looking for a job. No matter what your age, experience, education and the field you want to grow, other people like you are looking for the same thing. Is this a reason to give up? Of course not. At, we know that the sun shines for everyone! There are several candidates, it's true. Fortunately, there is also an impressive amount of jobs available! The "marriage" candidate-recruiter is even current!

Know how to attract attention in the right way

When we are looking for a job, we obviously want to stand out. First, we want the employer to see our CV in the "pile" and read it. We want him to be pleasantly surprised and to be interested in meeting us to learn more about us. To provoke this much awaited meeting, often on both sides, because the employer, let's not forget, is actively looking for a job!

Why is this post not already filled? Most likely because nobody else meets the criteria of the employer. But sometimes there are other reasons, etc.